American Christian Academy - A Place Where Education is Valued and God is Welcomed.

American Christian Academy is not only a private Christian school for troubled teenagers but also caters to students, K-12, whose parents are willing to be kept accountable for their child's adherence to Christian principles at home and in their private social life.

The school has various learning tracks that can be customized for almost any person. For example, one student may do well with our computerized curriculum while another may prefer books, written assignments and vocational education and life skills training.
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Some students may need to opt out of school by taking a high school proficiency exam or passing the GED test in order to start college, work or vocational training and life skills training.

Alpha Omega Publications® Switched-On Schoolhouse® is an award-winning,
curriculum that offers computer-based learning. Multimedia, internal messaging,
immediate feedback, automatic grading, and parental access are just a few of
the features. The school curriculum includes language arts, mathematics, history, geography, science, and the arts. Earned credits are transferrable and reciprocated with other accredited schools.

Academic Life Coach
The Academic Life Coach plays a very important role in the student's learning environment by providing motivation, structure and a lesson plan. Students are tested and placed accordingly. They are also tested at intervals before moving forward with advanced courses. This allows a student to learn at their own pace.

Students who complete the academic requirements of the state, are able to graduate and receive their high school diploma. Our advanced curriculum prepares students for success in higher education.

Emotional Support
ACA goes beyond academic achievement with Youth Life Coaches who assist teens that need help with resolving conflicts, emotional support,  and one-on-one counseling during school hours.

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